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Published: 05th February 2010
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Soon after a female gets married, she wants to get pregnant and make a family. Pregnancy is nature's supreme boon since you become great. Once a woman has a healthy and cute baby of her own, she is called complete. Well, the sex of the child is undisclosed till the child comes to this incredible world. Generally, all the parents want to know what will God give them as their first child, a boy or a girl . It is merely the almighty who is familiar of the sex of the child. Also there are many couples who leave this decision on the almighty, though they may have their own preferences. However knowing the sex of the child in mother's womb is always a most important surprise till the child comes in this world and the surprise which every mother and father likes to know. However, the fact is that you can know your baby's gender by just clicking the mouse. Internet has ascertained to be a remarkable boon to people who want to know their child's sex before he or she comes to this marvelous world.

Sonography is the best way by which one can detect the child's sex, but this method of sex detection is not allowed any more, it is only allowed to check if the baby is fine. Majority of the parents started taking too much advantage of this sex detection system. If you are a parent who wants to fulfill his/her eagerness and want to know the gender of their baby, then you can log on to the internet as there are several online sources to help you with this. You merely have to, connect to the net and you make a tiny investigation. You will surely find some reliable websites where you just have to put in a few details and you come to know the gender of the unborn baby. You have to fill in minimal particulars like the mother's genetic particulars (year and month of birth) as well as father's genetic particulars (year and month of birth) and lastly you have to put in the year and month of conception. Immediately after submitting the details, you come to know the gender of your baby. It is definitely the simplest and most exciting way to discover your child's sex. Though there are some couples who follow old traditions to choose their baby's gender before planning the family. And you will be astonished to know that there are techniques by which a couple can in fact decide the sex of their child.

Fertilization is a process by which an egg and a sperm fuse together to nurture a new life in the mother's womb. This is a very normal and gifted process to bestow an intense meaning to the couple's relationship. However, one can influence the baby's gender before the conception which is possible due to highly advanced medical science. The sperm possesses XY chromosome and the egg contains XX chromosome. If XX chromosomes are fused, the result is baby girl and if XY chromosomes are fused, the result is baby boy. Y chromosome is lively but stays for little time as compared to X chromosome. You can be confident you will deliver a baby boy if the ovulated egg is fused with the Y chromosome, thus the ovulation period should be known!

But the fact is millions of sperms are discharged at the time of intercourse. You just need to have the right time of conception. So, if you plan your intercourse perfectly, you might possess the preferred sex of your child. Usually, there are some websites that help you with this too. You need to put in your and your husband's genetic particulars beside the preferred sex of the child and give in the particulars. Just after the click, you will know the exact month of conception to get the desired baby gender. Thus, you can plan your conception consequently. Just connect yourself to the internet and see what's in tore for you. Get a male child or a baby girl, the decision is yours!

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