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Published: 26th March 2010
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For a polluted free environment wind and solar technology is required. Solar power emphasizes on preserving energy and saving the environment. Energy conservation is a vital factor. They are recycling their household dissipate and investing in solar energy systems. Solar training courses about its power helps conserve energy.

Of all the different sources of energy that are environment friendly, solar energy systems, whether solar thermal or solar PV, are very popular today. Since professional installation is costly and more or less accounts for 30 per cent of the total cost of the solar energy system; you can save substantial amount of money by undergoing solar training and learning the installation process. Solar training also gives you an exciting career option, with projected increase in demand for solar energy technologists and experts.

Solar training is a full course of study. It teaches you how to design and preserve a solar electric power system. The course teaches how to use the right hardware and components. You also gain knowledge of all the parts of a PV system and whether they are compliant with the codes. The end of the course will endow you with the ability and skills for installing and maintaining this new source of energy.

To become an energy expert you need to have knowledge about LEED Certification. However, a voluntary program, obtaining LEED Certification positively impacts the environmental image in the community. LEED Certification implies that the structure has been built using green building practices to preserve energy and save costs. Such building provides ample light and air. Working in these environments increases productivity of labor, decreases labor attrition and develop worker attendance. The attendance in this course is much better. Retail business in green buildings with enough daylight show better sales contributing to higher profits. Liking for green building is on the rise.

Home Star program is a projected multi- billion-dollar program planned to create jobs and give homeowners less energy bills. To create jobs, people will be provided training to install and maintain environment friendly alternate sources of energy or generate demand for home efficiency products and services. In the building efficiency industry, Home Star will develop into trans formative in creating demand for green building products with the idea of meeting the economic and environmental goals. Proposed Home legislation will provide incentives to such users. This proposal is being debated among environmentalists and is being given a severe thought by lawmakers.

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