Breath better and gain lung capacity

Published: 17th April 2009
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Body is a God-given system and let's not harm it with bad habits and wrong routine. Our health remains fit if we breathe healthier, as the oxygen that we inhale is the main element because of which our body functions correctly, besides healthy eating habits. For strong lungs, we must inhale fresh and unpolluted air, free from pollutants that cause damage to our breathing structure. Breathing polluted air causes diseases like cough, asthma and other respiratory tract diseases, which in turn causes pressure on our lungs. Thus, if you want to increase lung power, it is suggested to breathe healthier.

The breathing system is very simple. We inhale through our nose and our nostrils contain hair which traps large dust particles. The air then passes through the throat down the trachea. It finally reaches our lungs where the exchange of gases takes place, and finally carbon dioxide is exhaled out from our body. Thus, our breathing system needs to be simple and pure. This not only helps us to prevent any air borne diseases but helps to increase heathier lung capacity. For this you need to do some breathing exercises too.

When we inhale air, we inhale dirt particles too, the dirt comprises of micro and macro particles. Some dust and germs may get past the nostril hair or get pulled into the mouth during inhaling. Luckily the body has an automatic protection arrangement to catch them. Sneezing gets rid of anything, such as dirt, that disturbs the upper sensitive tract. And coughing throws out any spiteful stuff that falls further down the airpipe. Sometimes people can inhale dirt particles, floating in the air into their lungs and this can create troubles like asthma, allergies, TB, lung cancer. People working in factories, pollution prone areas, need to wear a cover, inhale fresh air and do some aerobic activities that can help keep lungs in good state.

Can breathing exercises help the lungs? Yes, it can help the general health of the lungs. We inhale very shallow, hardly exercising the lungs to its full capacity. For individuals with breathing concerns, learning to inhale into healthy bottom 1/3rd of the lungs, where there are pink health tissues to absorb oxygen can be beneficial. Skilled breathing can remove unwanted products such as carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases from our system, so that they do not remain in the bloodstream. A person with healthy lungs and a large breathing capacity normally has abundant health and energy. The important aspect in breathing exercise is the presence of fresh air with no smoke, chemicals or other harmful substances in the atmosphere.

In order to increase your lung capacity you need to take care of certain things like, mind your breathing on regular basis. There are several things that human lungs were not meant to inhale. Some dirty smoke contain car exhaust, gasoline and tobacco smoke. Try to avoid them in first place; if not, bear in mind to inhale through your nose. So often we tend to cough during these times because our system rejects these dust particles. These ways will truly help you greatly to increase your lung capacity by just inhaling healthier.

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