Build Beer Caves, Impress Your Customers

Published: 21st December 2009
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There's nothing like a cold beer and beer caves or walk-in coolers guarantee that your stock stays nice and chilled, all set for your customers. People like to bring home chilled beer and to drink at home than to refrigerate it to get cold. That means you need to be ready.

Why Buy Beer Caves?
There are more than a few reasons to get a big cooler like this. The first is that the quality of the beer actually deteriorates each time it is frozen and then brought back to room temperature. This happens quite a bit when beer is being moved around, so you should really try to avoid bringing it to room temp at all. A cooler is the perfect way to store beer, but the problem is that most stores just don't have the room in their coolers.

For any place that has limited cold storage, a beer cooler that you can both use for storage and as a selling spot, is a great buy. Your customers will enjoy the fun of being able to enter the frozen room and picking out their beer the cold might even aid them choose faster!) and you don't have to worry about trying for space to keep those cases cold.

Choosing a Cave
Beer caves are actually quite the attraction, as well as serving a practical purpose. Could anything be more attractive than a separate room in a store designed just for beer? Different stores give different names to the beer caves.

You can get these walk-in coolers custom manufactured just to fit your store, as well. It can be designed to fit in any space that is available. You will want to design the frontage of the cooler to fit the store decor. Some places work it up like a cave, while others make it look like a cabin. Either way, your clients can just walk into the freezer, pick out the beer they want and purchase it, cold.

It offers a three dimension vision for better selection of beers. The air inside is normally around 20 F so you will have the coldest beer in town . . . and that's something to boast about.

Beer caves work for just about any venue. If you have a liquor store, these will be very popular and you may end up needing a rather large walk-in cooler just to keep up with requirement. However, if you are the owner of a convenience shop or a grocery store or supermarket, you are able to go with the smaller versions of these coolers and they work just as well, pulling customers in. In fact, you might be surprised to find that you end up with more clients just because you now have a special room just for the beer.

Berr caves retain the quality of the beer. The cans or bottles are all set to drink right from the point of purchase, even if the customer buys a full case. Walk in cooler's are best in the hot weather condition. Select yours carefully, have it custom designed, if you can, and watch your sales swell.

Looking for custom beer caves? Supermarket Services has walk-in coolers and caves, as well as a number of other useful items for stores.

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