Climate in Moscow - what's better, winter or summer?

Published: 16th July 2009
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Moscow, one of the most beautiful countries of the world is lately attracting a lot of tourists worldwide. People from the entire world are mad for this piece of paradise on earth. People love Moscow's beautifu;l and pleasant climate, the lush green landscapes, shinning and clear rivers, blue skies and of course the snow covered, white beautiful mountains. Apart from all this, people in Moscow are welcoming and cordial. Moscow is one of the most favorite vacation countries among all other attractive destinations. People come here and feel comfortable as they are likely to forget the full world around as Moscow is the country that is actually blessed with nature. This is what make Moscow a beautiful land that must be visited once in your life. You will truly treasure the memories of living in Moscow for lifetime.

So, now that you are planning to visit Moscow, you might be confused thinking that what is the best time to visit this God-blessed country? You may often think that which is the most favorable climate in Moscow, is it winter or summer? Here is some description about the climate of Moscow and you will surely get the basic idea about when to visit Moscow. As Moscow is a continental country, the climate is sticky. Here, in summer season you feel warm and humid but winters are quite cold and long. The pleasant months to feel the lovely climate of Moscow is during end of springs or in start of autumns. Once the snow starts melting in the month of March, the climate starts getting better and pleasant. You will feel relaxed in the month of April and May. Moscow starts receiving snow from the month of October and November. The winters are at the max in the months of December and January. Though it rains minimal throughout the year, but the months of July and August receive maximum and horrible rainfall} . But there is a huge instability between the summer and winter seasons, so Moscow is regarded to experience a continental climate.

However, one feels much comfortable and thoroughly enjoys during the summers as the weather is bright and pleasant. You feel energized and lively in this pleasing season. Days are quite long so you can enjoy most of it as you will find thrilling activities here throughout the day. But Moscow experiences terrible thunderstorms and heavy rains during the months of July and August. But if you are love snow and wish to enjoy the white, snow-covered mountains, then you may feel relaxed during the winters. The whole city is covered with lovely white snow blanket. The days are very short, for about 6 hours, with temperatures below the freezing point! If you are really planning to visit Moscow this vacation, then this information will truly help you to decide the best month for you to enjoy there. Normally, people love to visit this beautiful country during the summers as Moscow looks brighter and lovelier during this season.

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