Father of the bride speech: What fathers should include in their wedding message

Published: 08th April 2009
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Asked about a little girl's dream and she will answer, "To get married and have a great man for a husband". Now, that dream is a reality the moment your little girl finally meets the man of her life and you walking her down the aisle to give her hand to the lucky man.

Every wedding is a special day especially for the bride. This is considered to be the fulfillment of a fantasy, a dream that come into reality. Fathers on the other hand, may not make it obvious that they experience a tinge of pain as their little princess is now facing the altar geared up for a new phase in her life with her man.

Now, this brings to the next statement where the father of the bride speech is considered one of the highlights of this grand wedding event. While fathers are known for being silent types of people who will only talk when the family needs some disciplining, it is moving to see how a father expressed the love for his daughter through the father of the bride speech. So, if you still don't have any idea what to say in your speech, you better be reading the next lines for some good advices and clues. Read on.

Relax, Be Yourself, and Don't Worry too Much

Say your piece from the heart and loosen up your worries and you will surely do well in your speech. Think of it this way, you're just talking to your daughter just like the good old days of a father-daughter talk. When you keep this in mind, nerve wracking feelings will certainly be out of your senses and vocabulary. Say your message from the heart and you will realize how spontaneous you can get if everything is said heartwarmingly and sincerely.

State Your Message of Thanks

Father of the bride speeches is also a perfect opportunity for a father like you to thank everyone who has made your daughter's wedding a big success. Thank those people who came and those who have traveled the distance just to witness this grand event. Thank them for their time and effort in sharing with your daughter and the rest of the family this unforgettable and momentous event.

State Your Welcoming Message to the New Member of the Family

Weddings should have no room for tears. Although tears of joy are acceptable, fathers like you should never think that you've lost a daughter in your life. Always put in mind that your family has a new addition in the presence of your son-in-law. The father of the bride speech should state a welcome message to the groom. This is also an idyllic time for a father to give some reminders and thank you notes for coming into his daughter's life.

Give the Newly Wed Couple Your Blessings

Father of the bride speeches likewise includes a father's granting of blessings to the bride and groom. This is also the time where a father shares his own views about marriage along with his best wishes for the couple.

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