Finding the Perfect Curtain Poles

Published: 16th June 2010
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Adding the finishing touches to a newly decorated room can make all the difference to the overall appearance and tone of the space. If you pick the right ones you can create a really interesting professional looking space, if you pick the wrong finishing touches you can cheapen all the hard work that you have put in to the decoration. Every little bit of decoration counts including of all things the curtain poles that you pick.

You need to seriously think about the style and the tone of your room, if you have created a really modern room then you don't want some incredibly heavy old fashioned curtain poles. Likewise if your look is total country cottage then some bright chrome poles would look totally out of place. Then there is cost to consider, even if you are at the lower end of the scale you can get some really great priced curtain poles from companies like Integra that make some brilliant mix and match poles and ends so you can make the perfect curtain pole for your room. If you are prepared to fork out for the perfect curtain pole then companies like Silent Gliss and Byron and Byron make top end products that would certainly add a touch of class to your room.

Metal or Wood

You can pick from a huge range of both wooden and metal curtain poles on the market from the cheap looking pine ones through to bespoke metal poles with intricate end pieces that will set you back hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Wooden curtain poles are best suited to houses that have been decorated in a country cottage or traditional fashion, they work very well with heavy fabric or heavily patterned fabric not only in terms of support but with the overall appearance.

Sleek metal poles look really great in modern and minimalist rooms because they are less intrusive and the polished chrome style is incredibly contemporary in its appearance.

Wrought iron curtain poles are a ideal crossover medium because they can create a interesting effect in a modern room but they will really enhance the appearance of a country cottage. They are not really the right choice if you want a clean look because the darkness of the colour can be quite heavy against the wall which is not recommended if you want a sleek contemporary room.

Bay Window Options

If your home has traditional bay windows and you are concerned about getting some new curtain poles there is no need to panic many of the companies make poles especially for bay windows which can be simply bent to the right angle for your particular window. You can get these in a large range of different mediums and the top curtain pole companies are making more and more of these styles to meet with demand.

So as you can see the world is you oyster but it is up to you to pick the right poles to suit your room's decor and give it the integrity and finished look you are looking for.

Don't forget to pick some top quality curtain poles to add the finishing touches to your room.

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