Gypsy 7 Low Cost Motion Capture Suit

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Published: 11th January 2011
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The G 7 or the Gypsy 7 is the latest technological development of It is an exo-skeletal gyroscopic blend technology together with motion capture suits software version 10. The buttons and thumb sticks are inducted for perfect control of the event. For real time animation this extended event control is very essential. This also enhances the operational capability in streaming online, robotics, computer game development and its applications. In comparison to G6 this product is less priced and helps in developing in small areas than big studios.

The BVH data is transported into motion builder from G7. BVH data is a space partitioning method, also known as the bounding volume hierarchy. It can be transferred to various other applications like 3D's and other. The animazoo software development kit or devkits as it is also known provides perfect compatibility with the custom made software. Motion capture suit is essential for digitally recording the movements. This suit is worth more and has varied complexity. G7 suit cost is around $8000.

The G7 has numerous facilities and plus points over the G6. The time for capture in G7 is only five minutes. The G7 has 14 joint sensors that shields the data disruption and dropped frames. It is powered by USB and has limitless capture area. Therefore it is necessary to take the expert advice from Animazoo being the developer has the best knowledge of the system and guide you perfectly.

The fact remains that the heaviness of the system is less than G6 and as found out it is simply 9lbs. They give warranty for two years along with protective sensor housing. With all the amenities the G7 is the best motion capture animation program apart from all the internet lucrative programs. The operation requires minimum space therefore large studios are not required.

The Mocap is the term necessary for the system of converting the data to digital models. It is basically used in the military process, entertainment, sports and other applications required in the medical periphery. It aids in performance capture and that is why movie people use it more regularly. It depends on number of cameras required for shooting the situation.

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