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Published: 01st March 2011
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Apple's iOS devices are, among other things, great digital music players. The built-in iPad app permits users browse music, podcasts and audio books with no trouble. It is good till such time the music is not on in the device near you. Or, if you want to enjoy hands-free music from an iPod, iPhone or iPod touch that's connected to a stereo or set of powered speakers. The Tango remote links the two devices on wireless network and acts as the music source and remote separately.

It's simple to set up, simple to use and effective. Here is how we begin with. First, set up Tango Remote on both components by navigating to the App Store and looking for Tango Remote. Secondly fix a device as 'source' to play on-board music and the other to function as remote. For example, you may connect an iPad to your stereo system while retaining the pocket-sized iPhone with you. You can use the remote with the iPad and connect the iPhone to stereo. Since Tango Remote is universal, it looks great on all iOS devices.

Setup the source device

Set the source device after installing Tango remote. First, launch Tango Remote. Next, tap the Music Player button when prompted. Tango Remote will scrutinize the device for collected music, podcast and audio books in use by the iPod app. Note that this may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your music library. Finally, connect it to a stereo or pair of powered speakers and you're geared up to go.

Set up the remote device

Now, let's set up the device that will act as the remote. The first step is to ensure that both the source and the remote are on the identical Wi-Fi network. Initiate remote and tap the button.It will start looking for the source gadget and let you know once it has found it. Tap on the source device, e.g. Joe's iPhone From there you'll get all of the play-lists on the source device. Click anyone to resume music and control through the remote.

Obviously, the remote does more than play, break, jump and skip. When a song is playing, you can view the album art and flip it over to see other tracks on that album. Also, browse by song, artist, album or genre. For any type of break tap the built-in function to resume.

Additional options

Finally, check out the other settings by tapping the gear icon. You will find pops with new menu and its options. You can turn on a shake to skip to the next song (probably excellent with an iPhone or iPod touch), toggle playback controls on or off and enable an option to play your play-lists back-to-back. Moreover, you can access Facebook, make email to developer and friends.

Tango Remote is a effortless and effective way to benefit from the music on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The device works as a digital radio station while making you feel like a DJ. Fixing takes only minutes and is simple. There will be no delay or break as it works over Wi-Fi. in brief, it just works!

Check out Tango Remote and enjoy the "music in your pocket" in a complete new way.

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