Juice fasting

Published: 22nd January 2009
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Juice Fasting, as the name implies, is a type of diet which includes use of juices only. The juices are made from fruits and vegetables. As juices have only carbohydrates, it can be digested effortlessly with some energy involved. Juice Fasting helps to easily remove the toxins stored in our body and this can be enhanced more by including enema or laxative along with it. This grouping assists to clean our gastrointestinal tract and hence guards us against various health problems. It not just purifies out body but also helps us feel active and healthy.

Generally the juices are extracted from the fruits like grapes or citrus, and juices from vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots and garlic are mostly used.

There are many ways by which you can get effective outcome from juice fasting. Some people go in for a weekly juice fast two times a year or others might choose to go in for juice fast for a few days continuously, this can be done once a month. Anyways either way you choose but there are certain things to be kept in mind before starting off. You need to gradually stop yourself from intake of foods like red meat, fish, dairy products, sugar and drinks that include alcohol, caffeine etc, you need to refrain from nicotine too.. On a juice fast diet you should drink juices for the whole day, you can also consume water but no solids. Later on, you can slowly include solids with juices.

Juice fasting assists to cleanse your body and filters the blood because which you are likely to improve your health. As said, juices can be digested easily with a little energy used up, the collected energy can now be used to flush out the toxins from your body. Not only this, but it even helps to reduce your weight too! It is truly effective for people who wish to quit smoking. Once your body is detoxified through juice fasting you will automatically seem energized and lively as all your pains, aches and also infections just disappear. Sometimes it is effective to cure cancer, but up to certain extent. Juice fasting is usually done by individuals who are very religious, in order to gratify the almighty.

But it is not that there are only benefits in juice fasting, there are some drawbacks also. You might experience fatigue, nausea, uncontrolled hunger or even low blood pressure. Yet it is recommended to stop the juice fasting if some of the above mentioned problems appear. Women who are pregnant should never go in for juice fasting. Individuals who have diabetes, chronic illness should avoid juice fasting. You may even feel acidic because of intake of citrus fruit juices or a vegetable juice like tomato juice that might lead to an irritated stomach further worsening the situation and causing stomach ulcers. On a juice fast where you are restricted to intake solid food, might result in vitamin deficiency and a malnourished body, which results in ill health and a feeble immune system. Because of all this, your opposition to diseases may become low or weak and hence you might have several health troubles. Hence it is wise to evaluate all the benefits and the disadvantages involved in juice diet and it is sternly recommended to consult your doctor before opting juice fasting

Detoxify your body, cleanse and purify the blood and get a slimmer and slender look, connect to juice fasting helps to keep your body fit and healthy. To know more about juice fast, check out juice-fasting.info

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