Portuguese bridles - handmade with tradition and innovation

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Bridle used to direct horses, which fitted in the mouth of the horse and attached to the reins. Bitless bridle used as noseband to direct the horse. Many design and efficient bridle are available today. It moves the horse for direction and control over the animal. It consists of Crown piece, cheek pieces, throatlatches, brow band, cavesson, Frentera, Fiador, Reins and Bit. Moreover, in a double bridle, the horse has two bits, which is called as 'bit' and 'bradoon'. In a double bridle, it has a bradoon hanger and another set of reins attached. Therefore, in double bridle the rider has to direct with four reins.

The vital element to control the horse is bridle. Improper fitting of bridle make the horse uncomfortable and often lack of control. The size and length of the bridle specifically synchronized to fit into the head of the horse.Many makers recommend bridle of different lengths available from two to six sizes.

Finest handcrafted are available today, with ancient touch and finish. A choice of Portuguese and Baroque models is available in the market. Bridle are also custom made. Varieties of Portugal bridle are available with Portugal shop, with materials like to which used in 18th century. They have Portuguese Baroque bridle, Portuguese bridle B, Portuguese bridle BD, Portuguese bridle BDW, Portuguese bridle BW, Portuguese Bridle DW, Portuguese bridle D, Portuguese bridle RB, Portuguese bridle W, combined Portuguese-English bridle of several design and traditional Portuguese baroque bridle of many models and ranges. They are made of premium leather, buckle and scrupulously handcrafted. Portugal shop has the excellent traditional brand Lusitano in their inventory

They have launched a new horse equipment, the D.Dinis saddle, which is contemporary as well as functional. The shop has online sale of the products. To purchase from online Portugal web is simple and easy. You can view your choice product anytime in their website, put it in the shopping cart. It is required to register with their website. Without registration the order remains incomplete. In fact, information involving to delivery is necessary. Payment received through credit card verified by Visa.If you register your card, shopping online becomes easy as you are identified online. You need to activate the Vb V of the card.

For further information about Portuguese bridles and to know more about handmade bridle visit us at www.portugalshop.com

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