Pregnancy Symptoms

Published: 16th January 2009
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Pregnancy is a nature's biggest gift to a lady after she is married and wants to conceive. The early symptoms of pregnancy may not be noticed till the egg is attached to the wall of uterus after it is fertilized. The symptoms or pregnancy vary from person to person, some may feel pregnancy symptoms right from the beginning when the egg is fertilized, others may come to know that they are pregnant after they miss their period.

But you may experience a lot of hormonal changes once you are conceived and this is obvious, as a new life is about to nurture and grow in your body, a feeling beyond comparison.

It is not necessary that you may experience all the symptoms listed below, some may experience all of these, others may experience some of these and a few others may not even experience any of these.

1. Missing your period: This is the most noticeable symptom of pregnancy. But you need to undergo certain tests for confirmation of your pregnancy. You may also notice some more symptoms of pregnancy along with a missed monthly cycle.

2. Swelling and Softness of breasts: Your entire body is preparing itself for the new guest to arrive and so does the breast as it starts preparing food for the baby. The breasts become tender and softer than usual. The nipples become darker than before. These symptoms are prominently visible.

3. Tiredness and Weakness: A pregnant lady often feels tired and weak and may feel like going to bed early at night, or may feel like lying down and resting a bit more than usual. If it is a confirmed pregnancy it is advisable for you to take rest at regular intervals, because weakness may affect the baby's health in the womb.

4. Frequent Urinations: You may now frequently visit the rest room for passing out your urine, as the swollen uterus exerts some kind of pressure on your urinary bladder. The hormone HCG Human Chronic Gonadotropin is produced which is the main cause for frequent urination.

5. Implantation Bleeding: You may notice a slight bleeding after a few days of Fertilization. This is because the embryo starts to attach itself to the wall of the uterus. Once the fertilized egg implants itself to the wall of uterus, you have a confirmed pregnancy.

6. Varied sense of Taste: There is an altered sense of taste felt by a lot of ladies, like some develop a sweet taste, others a metallic tastes because of which they might not stand the taste of some beverages like tea, coffee.

7. Food Cravings: This is the most common symptom of pregnancy. You may crave for certain food like chocolate or an ice-cream at any time of the day, even at mid-night! Some may like to have food which is hot and spicy, others may like sour tastes, well there is a different craving for different women.

8. Sensitivity to smell/aroma: Some females may react extremely to a typical smell, like they may feel like vomiting others may go crazy for certain flavors of aromas. Some may feel fresh at the smell of wet mud during the first rains, others get turned over by smell of hose cleaners, perfumes, smoke etc.

9. Morning Sickness or Nausea: This symptom is experienced during morning hours, after you wake up. You may feel hungry or may feel full so in mornings you feel like vomiting, this is normal. You may sometimes even vomit out your morning tea or coffee, or if you skip this your morning breakfast gives you a sense of nausea due to unsettled stomach.

10. Acidity and constipation: These are two typical symptoms of pregnancy. The hormonal changes slow your digestion and thus there is a difficulty in absorbing essential nutrients and minerals which helps in digestion. This leads to constipation and heartburn as the acidic fluids from your stomach rises to your food pipe which causes heartburn and at times you give out sour burps.

11. Mood Changes and Irritation: There is an emotional change you are going through, some times you may feel low and depressed and sometimes you feel happy and high which may be due to the new responsibility coming your way. These mixed emotions are often felt during pregnancy and these are absolutely normal. Feeling low or depressed beyond a certain limit should be consulted with your gynecologist.

12. Feeling warm: Your body temperature may tend to rise and you may feel warm late in the evenings.

13. Weight Gain and Low Back Pain: This pain in lower back is obvious due to increased weight (your baby is growing), your body posture which changes as the weight of the baby increases due to which you tend to pull your back, hence putting a strain on your back. Further more, the hormonal changes, your joints and ligaments loosen to help you deliver the baby, all these together cause low back pain.

14. A Positive Pregnancy Test: The Pregnancy test scientifically proves your pregnancy. This test is conducted a few days after you have missed your periods. Once the test is positive, you are PREGNANT! Congratulations!!

Now, you need to visit your doctor regularly for regular check-ups. Have a good diet, never miss your supplements and take a good rest as this is the period when you should take care of your body most as you are nurturing the precious Gift of God within your body.

Before you freak out believing you might have a Teenage Pregnancy make sure you check the complete list of pregnancy symptoms

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