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Published: 03rd May 2011
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You may have frequently heard about translation and might be wondering on the meaning of translation. In brief, this is a process of changing a document to another without any change in meaning. The process basically involves 2 languages: source & target language.

It is often thought that this is a easy and short time process. It is basically not true. But, actually, it is mush complicated process and requires multiple stages before final output. The entire process of translation can be commonly known as the translation process.

To start with, the meaning of the test is understood fully before converting to target language. The process involves lots of steps such as checking the grammar, understanding the idioms used in every condition and finding the equivalent in the source language. The culture and custom of people of target language is a major consideration. Also the translator must be well versed in both languages and must have the capability to research the relevant texts. All other translation services like German Translation follows the same rule.

The real process of translation moves as follows: the project is assigned to someone who is well versed in the target language. Most clients prefer native speakers of the target language. Once the basic writing is completed, it will be checked by another person who is fluent in both the source and target languages. The person is responsible to contrast both the texts to make sure that the meanings are the same & some editing will be done to accommodate the real space in the target language. Al last the document is passed to the proofreader for final correction. The proof reader is responsible to verify the grammar and the layout of the documents and after assuring that the document is free of errors it will be passed to the client. In case of Arabic translation, most of the clients prefer an Arab translator to do the work as they will be able to do the work giving respect to their culture and custom as it is completely different from rest of the world.

There're lots of troubles and confusion related to translation process. Poor grammar is the major problem of translation. Because of this the translator will be finding trouble in understanding the clear meaning and also the right usage of the grammar in the original text. Additionally, The meaning of some word changes with placement. The translator may not be able to do a proper work without clearly understanding the real context and the meaning of the words. Idioms are a huge problematic area in translation, as it is difficult to properly translate them. This mainly refers to French translation as the language is commonly spoken in lots of parts of the world and there're differences in the speaking style of the language.

So, it is clear that the translation dose not only means the change of word from one language to another. You should make a point to first understand the concept clearly that's assigned to you for the work. Instructions should be followed properly and the client should be asked in case of any clarification. This is as you desire to produce the best work out of the process and to do the task it must be completed after clearing the doubts then & there without postponing.

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