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Published: 07th September 2009
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In Tamil chats users do not identify themselves. The talk rooms do not hinder with your exchanges with the other person whatsoever. Users opinion is their own responsibility

This chat forum has options for Tamil chat, songs, any online games and several other forums. Tamils are all over the world If you have your personal PC you can have access to these sites. They do not have downloading software

This is basically a community medium which enables to value the language and its commitment of exchange. Bad behavior is not allowed In these forums they proclaim that the entire risk is of the user and they do not take any accountability unlike any Western Chat rooms. Personal exchanges are not allowed They are very restrictive about sex talks and make use of of sexy languages.

Tamil forum is rapidly growing in Toronto, Canada. More than 250,000 Tamils are domiciling in this area. In 1940 small number of people migrated to Canada. During the public riots in Sri Lanka a great number of people took refuge in countries like Germany, UK, and Switzerland and moreover to Canada.

Tamils came to this place twenty years back. But Canada is accommodating the majority of Tamils. The Tamils in that country has established themselves as business man, academicians, and politicians and is also involved in social work. The best prospering Tamil community are the business people.

Malysian Tamils agitated aginst the government for racist policy. Eventually they found their group strength through boldness. This attitude forced the Government to review the policies. The population has gone to the scope of dictating the Malaysian government to announce in Tamil language at the airports. They have also demanded promotion of Indian culture in the television network The persons on behalf of the community in the televisions are not up to the standard and cannot speak right Tamil. This issue was raise in the country's political level

While some investigative study says that the western persuasion among the Tamil youths has led to the short of support for the Tamils foundation. They have not supported the sentiments of the people People of understanding have opined that the Government of India should pressurize the country's political decisions.

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