The Newest Method to Alter Complexion Using Skin Whitening Pills

Published: 06th July 2009
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The modern world has seen a rise in the number of beauty conscious people. People go to any extend to look beautiful and glamorous. Dark skinned people suffer from many complexes and prejudice from the society. Even if we observe our top models and cine stars carefully we come to a conclusion that they all look better than their childhood days.

The cosmetics industry has been making use of glutathione recently. Its use as an inhibitor of melanin is widely accepted these days. It is a noteworthy fact that countries like the Philippines sell this product as a whitening soap. Glutathione dose inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase and L-DOPA. By increasing the concentration of L-DOPA, the inhibition of melanin synthesis is recovered. Although the synthesized melanin is aggregated, the aggregation is inhibited by the addition of glutathione.

Our body can use food to manufacture the amino acids required to create glutathione. It can also build it from the acids found in the cells. Wide variety of foods is available which help in creating glutathione. Watermelon and asparagus are two important food items. Also you can rely upon most fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh meat. Protein is also highly beneficial. Depending on glutathione supplements is not found that useful, whereas a healthy diet will help in the production of all of the glutathione needed. It should also be noted that our ability to produce glutathione decreases once we leave our twenties.

Glutathione can help our body repair after radiation treatment, infection, stress, injury, burns, trauma etc. It keeps our cells perfectly working. Glutathione is not well absorbed into the body when taken orally. It can be taken intravenous too. A practical solution is to take the precursors, that are the molecules the body needs to make glutathione. Bounous has developed a glutathione product called Immunocal. This is made up of glutathione precursors, mainly the amino acid cysteine.

The demand for glutathione is increasing day by day as more and more people are using it as a skin whitening pill. Skin problems have reached an all time high these days due to pollution and other adverse environmental factors. Glutathione comes as a hope for many suffering from problems related to the tone and texture of the skin. Not only people from the glamorous industry, others are also attracted towards glutathione for improving the complexion of their skin. The advantage of glutathione is that there are no side effects of this pill. While other cosmetic products contain bleaching agents and chemicals, glutathione is absolutely free from all ingredients harmful for health. Experts vouch the fact that they are hundred percent safe. Without any doubt we can say that the demand for glutathione as whitening pills is going to increase in the years to come.

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