The Use of Acupuncture in Cervical Spondylosis

Published: 23rd March 2011
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The acupuncture treatment method from the traditional Chinese medicine, is a part of the natural methods, because is not using foreign substances for the body to cover symptoms or to eliminate external pathogenic factors. It is based on modifying body reactivity and on strengthening the resistance to environmental factors leading to healing.

In acupuncture, as well as in Taoist philosophy on which is based, the energy prevails over the substance. The disease is firstly a disorder of the body's energy balance and the treatment must first restore that balance, then the symptoms will go away. A frequently asked question at the acupuncturist's office is: "What have those needles inside them?" There is nothing special. Not the needle itself is the remedy, but the point stimulated with it.

The acupuncture works with a complex system of subcutaneous meridians which are directly connected with the internal organs and with points with specific functions. Each acupuncture point, properly stimulated, exercise a certain influence on an organ or a meridian, these actions being specific and different from one point to another.

The cervical spondylosis leads to migraines

Cervical spondylosis, one of the most common sites of the rheumatic disease, in easy cases is not related to the dysfunction of some internal organs, but only to the exposure or lack of resistance to certain risk factors: wind, cold and humidity. These environmental factors are carriers of a external pathogen energy which blocks the meridians of acupuncture and impede the free flow of the energy in them. The meridians can't longer fulfill their role and the tissues are losing their trophicity which is manifested by pains, stiffness, fibrosis and other typical manifestations.

The acupuncture treatment is very efficient in cervical spondylosis and improves both the manifestations and complications. At the relatively young people who are at the first manifestation of the disease, the symptoms may disappear even after the first 3-4 sessions.

Improving disease in just ten sessions

At the cervical spondylosis the oldest the patient is or has a more complex pathology, the more the treatment is prolonged, but about 85-90% of patients are recording improvements after a series of 10 acupuncture sessions. It should be noted that there can be no healing except the cases where the disease is recent and has not started producing noticeable impairment of the spine. Usually the headaches, the dizziness and limiting spine movements are the first symptoms which disappear, the most tenacious symptoms being the oldest ones.

Another interesting element in the acupunctural treatment is that there are no side-effects: it has, but not negative. Very often, after the first treatment sessions the patient notice the disappearance of some symptoms not related to the cervical spondylosis: constipation, insomnia, depression. The explanation is offered by the way of action of the acupuncture, which aims to correct the energy dysfunction. Restoring the energy balance, it's also correcting other health problems caused by the same imbalance which has led to the cervical spine problems.

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