Top 5 places to visit in Lithuania

Published: 03rd December 2009
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State of Lithuania is one of the chief of the three well-known Baltic States. This country is recognized for its scenic splendor which is diffused with gorgeous abundant green peaks and fresh water lakes, which is an amazing desire for travelers from all over the globe. It has turned out to be a alluring tourist destination and the industry of tourism is increasing every year. Lithuania attained independence just a decade ago and has once again made its tough charisma in the maps of Europe. The country has an exciting past. While, the entire nation has chronological testimonials and remarkable visitor attractions, but the best sites to visit Lithuania are:

1: Vilnius: Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania which is an excitingly small place. Folks are surprised if such a small area can truly be a capital of such a large nation Lithuania. Vilnius is popular for its weird dim courtyards, strange and an unusual artist society, and extremely splendid arts and beautiful decor. Vilnius has many travelers' attractions and makes the tourists' feel cozy and relaxed. You will truly feel peaceful in this tiny capital of Lithuania because it is away from the jam-packed and hectic places.

2: The Curonian Spit: The Baltic shore is divided from the large open sea by a lengthy fine line of sand dunes. This is one of the main fasciantions out there. The water body behind the Curonian Spit is known as the Curonian Lagoon.

3: Aukstaitija National Park: You will be shocked to see the Aukstaitija National Park where the real splendor of this country is exposed. The intense green whispering forest and the fresh blue waters make this national park truly beautiful and travelers' heaven on earth. This park is enclosed with spruce and pine trees and deciduous forests which is a home to elk, wild boars and deer. It is in fact worth visiting this place.

4: Kaunas: Kaunas is Lithuania's second biggest state. It is known as the industrial center of Lithuania because it is the major industrialized producer of this nation. The people are native Lithuanians and incredibly friendly and hospitable by behavior. Kaunas is known for its museums and the two popular museums here are the Devil's Museum and the Folk Music Museum. This state is quite affordable and the cost of living is reasonable here.

5: Klaipeda: Klaipeda is the third leading state of Lithuania and it is worth visiting. It is located around 315km to the west of Vilnuis and is considered as catalyst to the remarkable splendor of Curonian Spit. It is known for its Germanic flavor, sculpture and architecture that clearly portray its mesmerizing history, the Prussian capital Memel.

Lithuania is indeed nature's heaven on earth. Not only this, but there are several sites that are worth visiting in Lithuania. If you want to visit this remarkable country of the Baltic's, you can log o to the internet. There are numerous online travel agencies that present the latest and helpful data regarding Lithuania. You can contact any consistent online travel office and plan your vacation to this wonderful European country.

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