Why do we love action movies and how it has evolved

Published: 09th March 2009
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Movies are considered to be the most thrilling and appealing source of leisure. Life without films is very hard to think. Films have changed our attitude and helped us know things better. It is the wonderful technique to eradicate dullness from our lives. If you are getting bored, just switch on the TV and watch movies that entertain you and keep you away from the world. You seldom don't realize how the time passed by. Everybody loves to watch movies and each has a unique choice to watch films of their interest. Some love comedy films, a few might prefer passionate movies others might love to view family tales and several people love to see Action Movies.

Action Movies, as the name implies is full of action, extravaganza and excitement. You never get bored while viewing any type of movie but action movies create a totally different impact on the spectators. Action movies are adored by all age groups be it children, youngsters or older generation, everybody likes to watch action movies. Different action movies like Spiderman, Men in Black and all Jackie Chan movies have amused the spectators by spine-chilling action. Star Wars Trilogy has gained immense triumph and started a latest craze among the youngsters because of special effects and fantastic graphics and it has als won several awards. Next was the Lord of The Rings that was immensely loved because of the amazing extravaganzas and perils that created moments of shock and surprise. You may sometimes jump off your seats by watching such high thrilling action films.

Action Movies are admired by younger generation where they are dazzled to watch wonderful fights and awesome actions. These bold movies have gained great popularity in the field of film industry. Action movies have maddened the crowd and the younger generation, not just this but even the kids love to see action flicks with great excitement and zest.

In the early times the movies were quite simple with very less adventure and more of melodrama, but then in the desire for action was realized by a few filmmakers and they worked hard to screen a thrill packed action movie. Soon with the development of technology and computer graphics the filmmakers were capable to create a perfect adventurous movie that was desired by all. Initially some movies had only a few shots of thrill and action, but because of huge advancements in the film making, now a complete action movie full of extravaganza and thrill is created that has drawn a great audience from all genres.

Now the action films are highly thrilling and fun-filled that has drawn a huge crowd towards it. People are more keen to see action packed films rather that a slow romantic movie or an old family saga. But then there are a few flicks of action in all kinds of films that is why a movie becomes thrilling to watch

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